[International Competence] Reflection 2


Last week, I studied “nonverbal language” which I listened a lot in the past but this was the first time I actually focused on it. In my opinion, “nonverbal language” is an effective way to inform and attractive others in many situations.

Imagine you are waiting for your friend at the Noibai Airport and you see him/her going out from the door. What will you do? Shout aloud? Wave hands, jump up with your banners of his/her name?  If you use the first way, it means that you use “verbal language” to inform your friends. And if you use the others, you use “non-verbal language” to do that. In a crowded place like airport, I suppose that using body language with speaking language is a wise and judicious choice to attractive your friend. Maybe, your voice can be blurred by the airport’s noise, but your movements can make a person who is seeking a familiar image of relative easy to identify and recognize you. I used to pick my brother up at the airport by using nonverbal language like this, and of course I was successful.

Another situation that nonverbal can be effective is when you want to announce others but not to get attraction of others around. For example, you are making noise in the class, the teacher can stare you, take hand before her lips or point you, which is enough for you to understand that she knows and you should keep quiet. For other instance, when I talk up to my mother and our neighbor’s conversation and my mother is only glowered, I immediately keep silent.

These are some of situation that used to use nonverbal language in the life unconsciously but I don’t know. However, after the lesson, I know more about them. And now I see the meaning of the idiom “silence is gold” which I used think it is nonsense because you will use body language or nonverbal language instead of saying any words. And I also recall a sentence in someone song: “You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All”.

— The end —


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