[International Competence] Reflection 1


Have you ever thought that in the life, sometimes, you should not make a hasty decision or evaluate an on-going situation? I learned a lesson of it in the last class session.

A hasty conclusion which is only based on what is happening in your eyes often comes to nothing. It is easy to see that people always think and evaluate everything around them, which is the humans instinct to survive and develop. However, they’ll make mistakes in many situations because they don’t see it in whole the process. I remember a story about a boy with a baby doll and a brightly smile at the bus station. His boy friends think that he is strange and girly. They tease him because they think only girls play with dolls and the boys must play soccer, volleyball or practice martial art. Maybe, this is a prejudice engraved into the mind of many generations of children and adult as well. Therefore, in these boys’ point of view, the boy with doll is a shameful person. However, no one of those children knows the truth of the baby doll. That is a gift prepared and selected meticulously for a girl who dreams to become a ballet dancer but being in hospital due to her broken leg. The doll just reinvigorates her to overcome fear and difficulty and to purchase her future dream.

I don’t want to criticize who is wrong or who is right as well as what is respectable in this story. I only emphasize the conclusion they make. They see what the boy is doing and use their knowledge, their prejudice they taught to criticize the boy. If they were calm down and deeply dig into the matter, they would realize a beautiful human value that the boy wants to perform. And I am sure that they won’t tease him anymore.

The last lesson taught me to be careful to see the whole issue and conclude something and never launch a prejudice to anyone without a deep understood to the situation. About you, what do you think when you see a person with bloody hands?

— The end —


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