Climate change is known as variation of the Earth’s average surface temperature and common rainfall patterns (NASA, 2011). Remaining large concentrations of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) which prevent the radiative process of solar heat back out to space (GGW, 2011) is the major reason for global warming. In other words, abundant greenhouse gases leads to global warming. Human activities, especially agriculture, industry and population explosion which release a great number of emissions are declared to be main causes of global climate change.

It is the fact that the global climate has been changed instead of remaining at a level because of CO2 emission natural process. This changing level, however, was over 300C during millions year history, Ice Age to Pre-industrial Revolution (GGW, 2011). On the contrary, since the Industrial Revolution started in the 1800s, CO2 emissions have increased about 150 times (Friedrich, Damassa, 2011), which has exceeded about 0,80C in the Earth’s temperature in a few year’s duration (NASA, 2015). The main reason is confirmed that chemical reaction of carbon atom (C) in the fossil fuels and oxygen (O2) in the atmosphere forms carbon dioxide (CO2) when burning energy sources to provide heat for running engines in industrial production. As this reaction, the more fossil fuel is consumed, the more CO2 is emitted.  According to EIA statistic 2013, the world total consumption of the petroleum was over 91 Million Barrel Per Day (B/D), of dry natural gas was over 121 Thousand Billion Cubic Feet, and of coal was over 8 Billion Short Tons (EIA, 2013), which led to release a huge amount of CO2 into the air. Thereby deduce, human activities in industrial production must take responsibility for climate change.

Agriculture, including crop farming and animal husbandry, also supplies approximately a fourth of greenhouse gas emissions (EPA, 2014) for global warming. To create land for crop farming, the people have cut down and burned many forests, which has led to deforestation. Actually, forests are “the green lung of the Earth” that helps to balance the concentration of CO2 in the air through the photosynthesis process (to absorb CO2 and to release O2), so deforestation mainly means interrupting the CO2 natural cycling. The problem is exacerbated by burning farming wastes such as dried weeds, leaves, foliage, straw whose structure contain a great amount of carbon; if these wastes are burned, the chemical reaction will happen as burning fossil fuels. In addition, animal husbandry is contributing an alarming number of greenhouse gas emissions. According to Ketler’s writing on Collective – Evolution website in 2013, nearly 40 percent of total artificial methane emissions originate from animal wastes. Together with methane emissions, deforestation for the land of cattle ranches and fields of feed for livestock leads to increase CO2 emissions. It is more considerable to know that the number of the animal ranches is increasing rapidly with the human’s less awareness of emission. Agriculture, accompany with industry, needs to charge of one of the main activities resulting in climate change.

Last but not least, the population explode is partly responsible for increasing overall temperature. It is easy to see that the human population growth has been out of control, typically in developing countries (Shah, 2012). With a significant increasing of population and a shrinking resource base, people need to promote agriculture and industry to supply enough materials for their living standard. As the previous evaluation, a great amount of CO2 will be released into the atmosphere. Moreover, a bigger population also leads to increasing rubbish from human livings such as leftovers, discarded books and clothes, and so on that emit methane out if decomposed. The other emitters including human breath, transportation, buildings also cause maintaining higher concentrations of greenhouse gases in the air. If the world population continues to increase at the high rate, it is unpredicted how much time it takes for the existence of the Earth; sooner or later, climate change will destroy human life.

Generally, out of human’s emission, there also are various natural causes for contributing greenhouse gases emission; for instance change of the Earth orbit, volcanic eruption, forest burst in dry seasons, etc. However, the natural emissions are so small and unusual that the number of greenhouse gas emissions of natural process is dominated by the quantity of human activities. In short, climate change is mainly caused by human life, so it is high time they did methods as possible to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases, to fix their faults and to prevent their life from serious consequences of climate change before this problem is too late to be resolved.


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