American Individualism

   One of the most important American values is Individualism, which encourages individuals to trust in themselves, and their own consciences. When I watched movie “The devil wears prada”, I realized this value was shown through the main character Andrea Sachs. The movie is like a journey of Andrea to find herself, her identity in the busy and pressured job.

     Andrea starts her journey by image of girl who is out-of-fashioned, but believes in herself and her ability. Although she has just graduated from University, she applies for the assistant position of Miranda, leader of famous magazine Runway. She is confident to tell Miranda that she is not beautiful but intelligent. She lives with frugal and harmony friends. She also shows her discontent with her flashy colleagues. Then, Andrea, however, changes into a beautiful, sexy and smart girl to adapt with her pressured jobs, which tends to go against herself. Instead of insisting favorite clothes making her comfortable and showing her identity, Andrea wears fashionably and luxuriously. She also acquainted with rich and powerful people and spends too little time for her friends. Therefore, she lost her friends and boyfriend. Finally, Andrea can still reach the journey’s destination where she comes back herself of previous time. When looking at Miranda’s life which is rich and famous, but full of lies, deception and ruthless, Andrea knows that she lost her personality and her true happiness. She decides to quit her admirable job in order to work in a place where she can be herself: smart, self-confident, generous and frugal. It is a happy ending for her when she gets both a good job and happiness.

      The devil wears prada’s massage reminds me to live with my identity, not afraid of any prejudice routines. Individualism – be yourself is the key to get a life of freedom, happiness and success. Maybe, this is also the key to American become the leading nation of the world.



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