New technology – chance or damage for the young people’s relationships

    We are living in digital age when new modern technologies have significant influences on our life. Whether you like or not, we can’t deny that inventing new technologies has altered living habits and perceptions of almost people, especially young generation. This can be seen in change of the young people’s relationships such as family and friendship which seem more courageous, faster but looser than they used to be.

      Avowedly, the ways young generation now build relationships are different from previous ones’: valiantly and quickly. Considerably, social network becomes an effective method to help young people in LGBT community who used to feel heterogeneous bravely get on well with their family, friends and society. Another example, in the past, without Internet, smartphone or tablet, it was difficult to update the information of our family and friends, so making friend or building new relationships in other parts in the world, even in same country was nearly impossible; however, those new technologies make it after only some seconds. Another words, we can easily have thousands friends worldwide through social networks such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.

       However, new technology is also double-edged sword because it may lead to shaky relationships. We build relationships so fast and overload that we don’t have enough time to maintain and consolidate them. Additionally, we naturally need face-to-face communication with true feelings to build trust in relationships, but technologies help the young make the virtual life which potentially damages their relationships. For instance, they date on internet with the people having photos edited or friends going-out with each other just focus on update status on social network.

     Technology will go further in our life in the future – still be an important method to contact and connect, but remember that the positive attitude and true feelings for each other are the most important.


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