A university choice

Choosing a university to follow is an important, difficult and confusing task, so it usually takes a long time for students to make a decision. Most of students at my University admit that their choices based on three factors: family, friends or themselves. The common factor is their family and relatives who set up their own desire on their children. They think that because the languages are essential in the globalized world, studying at an International Languages University surely helps to have good jobs with high salary after their child’s graduation. Lots of parents even force their child to be at this university although they don’t want it and like another. However, when they can give a choice themselves, they are affected by friends’ choices. They want to be at a same university with their best friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, or simply a friend who they hate and need to feat. Last but not least is for themselves. They love languages, other countries’ culture,   travelling around the world, or else they dream to be translators, interpreters and foreign language teachers. Many students also make their choice just because they love this university’s impressive campus and activities. Generally, though they choose our school for their family, friends, or themselves, It is still a best chance for them to grow up.

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+ I learn English at Vietnam National University, Hanoi - The University of Language & International Studies + I love listening to Music, reading Manga, watching Movie and Anime + My idol and only idol is TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki +My favorite food is Ice-cream + My favorite sport is Soccer
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