Reflection of “When Summer Come”

                         The novel “When Summer Come” written by Helen Naylor has made a strong impression on me since the first time. This is the story of loyalty and betrayal, which influence a lot on our life, love and career. It opens in London, during a heatwave. The main characters are Anna, a nurse, and Stephen, an employee in an advertising agency, who have been married for ten years. Both are stressful with the work in London, but also anxious to finish work for a three week holiday on the Cornish coast, in south west England. Stephen leaves work with worry about the threat of redundancy, but finds it difficult to talk to Anna. They rent a cottage in the idyllic coastal village of Polreath from a local fisherman. At first, their holiday is ok, but after just one day Stephen is called back to London for a crisis meeting in the office. Anna is left alone in Polreath and become increasingly close to Tristan. Stephen returns with the news that he has been made redundant, and makes plans to buy the cottage they are renting from Tristan to move to Polreath permanently. Meanwhile, Anna realizes the strength of her own attraction to Tristan and she commits a false with Tristan. She immediately feels very guilty and resolves never to tell Stephen. A few days later she returns to London to make plans for leaving her job. While she is alone in London, she realizes that Stephen is the most important person in her life and decides to tell him that they cannot live in Polreath. However, Stephen phones her that evening and tells Anna that they must talk – Tristan has told him something. Reading this novel, I don’t really like any specific characters, but I really love the way Naylor makes up an open ending. Maybe this is way the author brings the story to climax, and makes readers more exciting and wonder what may happen next. We can imagine our own ending instead of being limited in the ending of author. That may be a sad ending because of Anna’s betrayal with her husband, but it may be also a happier ending if Anna is forgiven by her husband. Generally, Helen has created an unique, special and meaningful for everyone. After reading this novel, I also gain a meaningful lesson about love and loyalty.


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