ULIS in my heart

            Since I became a ULISer, I have been considered him as my eternal lover. He is not as splendid and magnificent as a lot of other universities, but I always see in his soul a rare personality which no university gets. He is a playful, lively, energetically young and full of enthusiasm when we are inside because he is ULIS. Who still remembers festivals such as The 5th Hanguel Festival, Newbie Fes, Francophone Festival, ect…? Those were the most enjoyable time of ULIS, because He loves excitement. However, when we have some days off or simply have a weekend, he looks so sad. The air becomes so pretty quiet, boring and tired that we can hear his breath voice, which is soft and slow. He misses us so much, so the sadness makes his heart  heavy and ingrains his psyche. His heart desires our shadows or he is trying to look for a familiar silhouette. The air is still so quiet, silent and luckily, some birds sing to appease his sadness. Despite this fact, it is interesting to realize that he is more handsome than ever. He is cool, very cool in the light of the sun and he looks very cold and fascinated in the winter winds. Every moment of his beauty, I have engraved in my heart. Nevertheless, people at ULIS are that the feature I love most. I used to sit still in the French department only to feel so confident, active and sociable demeanor of the ULISers. They show me a new view of life to make me grow-up. Just ULIS does make wonder for us and just we make ULIS’s charm. In 3 next years and forever, ULIS will accompany me to pursue my dream and I will never forget his beauty which makes me fall in love with him.


About strawberryblossom1508

+ I learn English at Vietnam National University, Hanoi - The University of Language & International Studies + I love listening to Music, reading Manga, watching Movie and Anime + My idol and only idol is TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki +My favorite food is Ice-cream + My favorite sport is Soccer
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