Frances Hodgson Burnett

The secret garden” is a famous novel written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It tells about Mary, an orphaned girl, sent from India to Yorkshire to live with Archibald Craven after her parents’ death. She finds the key into the secret garden, which was closed for a long time after Mrs. Craven’s accident. Mary meets Dickon, then meets Colin and helps him pass through vulnerability and hopeless. Three children explore the garden and make it revival together. They also make Mr. Craven’s heart warm-up again. When I first read this novel, I was really impressed by its message. It is that “positive thinking” and “belief in life” can bring about psychological and physical healing. Mary, a disagreeable, spoilt girl at first, becomes more aware of attitude when she opposes to Colin’s selfishness and tantrums and the belief in “magic” and “dream” helps Colin return to beautiful life. I suppose that Burnett is successful to lead a smooth plot with featured details and make it gentle and charming. If someone asks me that what I want to change in this novel is, I will answer I don’t. This story in the novel is perfect, and exclusive. I think any changes will lose its “beautiful soul”. It also make me impressive with character Mr. Craven. He is a sensitive, faithful husband. He loves his wife so much, so he closed the wife’s garden and far-off from his son because they make him remember his wife. I used to cry when I read set that Colin says to him about the secret garden. He sometimes laughs and sometimes cries. For me, he is a stonyhearted outside, but is really a kind-heart and wonderful father inside. I know that lots of films and movie with the same title based on this novel were produced in many countries such as England, America, Japan…However, I haven’t seen them once. Therefore, I want to see them to have more interesting experiences.




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