mini-presentation 4

Group 6

Members: Hoàng Thị Dung, Nguyễn Thị Anh, Phạm Thị Ngọc Ánh

Dung: Good morning, every one. (uhm…m…). Why do you seem tired and afraid?

Anh: Good morning. Don’t you know? That is your fault when ask us to read and choose the best ghost stories from thousands works which join our competition. You know how we scare of ghost.

Ánh: Good morning. You are alright, Anh. I was really frightened yesterday.

Dung: All are just for our office. As you know, the next issue of our newsroom will be about Halloween, so I decided to organize a writing ghost competition for readers.  It is lucky for us to have thousands of works to join. So, after one week to enjoy competing works, what are your choices?

Anh:  Although we are scare of ghost, we read all of them carefully. Finally, I chose 2 works, which made me impressed and have unsleepable night for fear.

The first is Smee by A.M Burrage. Don’t you know what Smee is? It is name of a game nearly like hide and seek. In this story, Jackson, who used to play it, told a dismay time when they played it. A girl was dead while playing this game, but her soul continued to play “Smee” with them. At first, they counted thirteen people while there were only 12 people playing. Then, Violet told Jackson that She touched someone in deep clothes cupboard but there were no one in there. And, the most horrible scene is when Jackson and Mrs Gorman realized that they met and talked to Brenda Ford, who was broke her neck on stairs and dead 10 years ago.

When I read this passage, I have cried aghastly and you know, my family thought I was crazy. They shouted me and forbid me not to make noise again. However, it was not until I read The Ghost Coach by Amelia B. Edwards. James Murray got lost when He was hunting. Lucky for him, He found a house for shelter, was shown the way to come back hotel. But it was also unlucky for him because He got a ghost coach that was repeating the journey that took it to passengers’ deaths many years and of course, on bus, all passengers were ghost. He tried to escape that coach.

I screamed again, even louder than before. My family ran and shouted, and consequently I had to clean my house a week. And I could not sleep well for many nights because that the images in Smee are similar to the game of hide and seek game that I sometimes play with my grandchildren and image in The ghost coach, the vehicles I use every day haunted me.

I think this will be the first and last time I dared to read ghost stories, sir.

Dung: Poor you.

Ánh: Then, maybe it is lucky for me because the stories I read, they weren’t horror stories like that, but I chose two stories for award. One is The Stranger in the Mist by A.N.L. Munby and the other is Fullcircle by John Buchan.

Firstly, that is The stranger in the Mist. Giles visited his friend at Fablan Fawr. In a climbing mountain, he lost in the mist and didn’t find the way to back to Fablan Fawer. A strange man from the mist appeared and gave him a map. However, that map was wrong and it almost killed him if he was unlucky stop before falling into the cliff.  Then, Giles knew the stranger was Madog ap Rhys ‘s ghost, a kind ghost who wanted to help people but instead put them in danger. You see, this ghost may be not horrable.

Anh: No, I find it terrible because maybe there would be a lot of people died by this way.

Dung: I agree with you.

Ánh: So, what’s about Fullcircle. Lord Carteron built a beautiful house called Fullcircle and then it belonged to Julian and Ursula Giffen. In the first meeting, Leithen saw they didn’t know how to live well. However, step by step, in the next their meeting, Julian and Giffen looked better, more sensible and they became Cathorics. Leither was sure that Carteron’s spirit was still alive in his house- Fullcircle and wanted to make people live calm, happy life.

This ghost story is fantastic. There were no blood, no horror, just have kind and beauty. I want to live in that house, although it seems crazy.

Dung: You may be crazy.

Anh: What’s about you? What’s your task? What are your stories? You look fresh and lively, so you must be brave.

Dung: I…I…Firstly, I am really sorry for asking you to do these hard missions.

Secondly, be honest, I was also frightened like you and lost sleeping for 3 nights since I read 2 those horrible stories.

The first night, I read the story named “The Judge’s house” by Bram Stocker. It’s about Moore, who hired the old house of a judge and lived in there alone without the other’s advices. Every night, many strange events happened. Herd of rats made aloud sound preventing him from studying. But the strangest is when an enormous rat with a big and red eyes appeared, they were all quiet and silent. Only did the huge rat disappeared, big noise came back. The events repeated a lot of time, so the boy decided to explore the house without taking the advice of Mrs Dempster and Doctor. Finally, he was killed with the bell rope by the Judge.

You know, I like hiring the old houses to live when I fly business. After reading this story, I scare that I won’t do that again. Moreover, that night, the rats in my house also made noise, so I couldn’t close my eyes.

Ánh: Why don’t you give up this mission. If you had done that, we wouldn’t have been tired like this.

Dung: I wanted to give up, but I thought about the next issue, so I decided to continue.

The next works were not horrible, so I felt ok. It’s not until I read “the confession of Charles Linkworth” by E. F. Benson, I was mostly breathless. Charles had a big loan, so he killed his mother to take her money. After that, he buried her death body in the garden and made plan to hide his crime. Unlucky for him, the plan was collapsed, he was sentenced to be hung and die without confession. Then, his soul tried to contact with Dr Teesdale to confess through making phone call. Finally, He could confess his crime. When I finished this story, the phone rang. (ring….ring). My heart beat. My body shook like having an earthquake. I decided not to catch this calling.

Ánh: oh, that was my calling. I tried to phone you to give up this task, but…..and I tried to call you 5 times. All them weren’t successful.

Dung: Thanks, Ánh. Thanks for helping me like this.

Ánh: Oh, I am sorry. But because of you, we…we…are all like you. You’re bad.

Dung: Ok. Ok. That is my responsibility. Ok, but now, we should give the opinion for the best story.

Anh: I have an idea. Why don’t we upload all 6 stories in the next issue on internet. The readers will vote for the best story. We will award for the best story and the reader who get answer fastest and guess the most nearly exact number of the same answer.

Ánh: That is great idea. I’m sure it will be successful.

Dung: Great. I also don’t want read them again. So, let do it.


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