mini-presentation 3


Performers: Hoàng Thị Dung, Nguyễn Thị Anh, Phạm Thị Ngọc Ánh

Group: 06

Class: 14E13

Performance week: 15

Functions employed in role play:

  1. Discussing problematic social situation
  2. Expressing uncertainty
  3. Giving advice
  4. Reach agreement


#1:  Dung: Scene 1: Jane     Scene 2+3: Olive

#2: Ánh: Scene1: Poly        Scene 3: Ana

#3: Anh: Scene 1: Olive     Scene 2: Woman   Scene 3: David

Outlined plot:

Scene 1: Olive (Anh) is sitting when Jane (Dung) comes. They are having an exciting conversation. 

Anh (Olive): Jane, Jane. Hello, Jane. Long time no see. How are you?

Dung (Jane): Olive, nice to see you. I’m fine. Thanks. And you?

Anh: I couldn’t be better. My girlfriend takes care of me so seriously that I can never be ill. I’m as fit as fiddle. Ah, you know my girlfriend, don’t you? She is Poly, who you met at my birthday last year. We have loved each other since that day.

Dung: Let me recall. Ah, I do. She is so beautiful and is your match in the heaven… yeah, yeah…  I’m glad to hear that you are alright. But, what are you doing here?

Anh: ah, I come for walk with Poly. She is going to get some things to eat over there. She’ll be back soon.

Dung: Great. I can’t wait to say hello to her.

Anh: I’m sure that my girl friend will be happy to meet you. Oh, she comes back. Come here, here, honey.

Honey, let me introduce to you my friend, Jane. She used to be my colleague when I worked for AMC company.

Ánh(Poly): ah, yeah. Nice to meet you. I’m Poly, Olive’s girlfriend. He usually makes mention of you. I’m sure that you are a wonderful woman.

Dung: I’m Jane. Nice to meet you. Oh, it is kind of you to say so. I am just a simple girl. The fact, …it is you, who are responsible, caring and hard. I can’t have any more words to compliment you.

Ánh: Oh. Thank you, Jane. I’d be flattered for being complimented by you. I…

Dung: Oh no. It will be too late. I’m so sorry. Although I want to speak to you more, I must go now. Have a nice dating. (Olive, be careful)

Ánh:  Nice to have meeting you. If you are not busy, come to get dinner with us.

Dung: Sure. Thanks. Bye bye.

Anh: What a great girl. Do you think so?

Ánh: You are right. She is supernatural. Wow, fit to you! Don’t  lose her.

Anh: why you can say that. She is just my friend. We have already met again.

Ánh:  Yay a, Get your head out of your ass. This is too good to be true.  (ukm) it is ok. I have made a decision, Olive. I think we should be away in a period of time. I need time to ruminate about our relationship. Goodbye, Olive.

Anh: But, ….Poly, … I… (Music: “My love has gone away, quietly after hundered days….”)

Ánh: Ah, This’s for you.

Scene 2: Dung (Olive) is waiting for bus when Ánh (woman) comes and talks to him. What is fun?

Anh (woman): Hi.

Dung (Olive): Hi.

Anh: what’s up?

Dung: Nothing much. I’m just waiting for the bus.

Anh: Have you been waiting for the bus for a long time?

Dung: I’ve been waiting for about  40 minutes.

Anh: 40 minutes is long time to wait for the bus.

Dung: I think so too.

Anh: Maybe you should wait over there.

Dung: Why should I wait over there?

Anh: Because the bus stop is over there and this is the post box.

Dung: Oh, no. Thanks.

Scene 3: Dung (olive) is so sad for having broken up with his girlfriend, Anh (David), Ánh (Ana) are trying to appease him.

Ánh: what’s up, Olive? You seem so sad.

Dung: oh, nothing, nothing much.

Ánh: Oh, come on. Something is wrong. Don’t tell me you invited Poly to go to cinema but she refused.

Dung: No, no, no….

Ánh: Well, I see something. Maybe the reason is this T-shirt, on which is got tomato. You besmear it?

Dung: No, well, yes, that’s true. I don’t know how to clean it, but, no, that is not the real problem. It’s… it’s Poly.

Ánh: Have you had an argument?

Dung: yeah, argue hot and long because of nonsense.

Ánh: So what happened? Come on. Just tell me. I don’t like seeing you like this, Olive. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Dung: yeah, ok. Well. Poly saw Jane and me having an enjoyable conversation, so she thought that I betrayed her. We broke up. I scratched my head to find ways to bury the hatchet, but I couldn’t. I become like a crazy guy. Don’t you know? Today, I waited for bus at a post box instead of being at bus stop. I poured tomato juice on my T-shirt. Ana, What should I do? (Huhu)

Ánh: Keep your head down. Calm down. Firstly, make sure that you don’t betray her.

Dung: I swear that the person I love is only Poly.

Anh (David): She must be jealous of Jane. My girlfriend is too when I go with another girl.

Ánh: I also want to talk that. Do you have any ideas, David?

Anh: Like a storm in a teacup. Olive. Do you know what you need? You need to have some fun, then make Poly laugh with a surprising present. I helped you to choose it. This.

Dung+Ánh: A song? What can song do?

Anh: See it and you will understand.


Dung: Oh, no, no, no. I know this song. How a funny song is. I couldn’t help laughing when I watched it , but are you sure Poly will forgive me after watching this MV. I mean that can a funny song heal her broken heart?

Anh: Sure. Now, call her and show her this MV.

Ánh: David, You are mad. But, I love doing mad things.

Dung: Ok, I try. (take the phone) “what does the fox say? ”, please help me.


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