Mini-presentation 2


Performers: Hoàng Thị Dung, Nguyễn Thị Anh, Phạm Thị Ngọc Ánh

Group: 06

Class: 14E13

Performance week: 11

Functions employed in role play:

  1. Discussing problematic social situation
  2. Expressing uncertainty
  3. Giving advice
  4. Reach agreement


#1: daughter Ana (A): Dung

#2: mom Sophia (S): Anh

#3: son Olive  (O) : Ánh

Outlined plot:


Scene 1: Mother of Ana and Oliver, Sophia will have some days off from work next week, she is bored because others in family are too busy. Now, Ana and Olive are having a conversation with her.

A: Why are you so upset, mom?

S: oh, nothing is special. I’m just having something in my mind.

A: A little bird told me that you will have some off from work next week. Is that a reason make you worried?

S: Yeah. It’s alright. But, I know you and your dad are busy at that time, so I wonder what I should do to change the life in a rut.

O: Mom, why don’t you give yourself an abroad travel. You have been taking care of our family and having no holiday for a long time.

A: That’s a great idea, Oliver. However, the biggest problem is what destination mom should reach. Mom, where do you want to get, a special place, like a dream country when you were young or a memorable sight-seeing you used to visit?

S: oh, I don’t remember. But really, when I was a little child, I dreamt to take holiday in an Asia country and taste a lot of traditional delicious dishes, but now I realize that I don’t have enough money and time to do that. A dream is just a dream.

O: Oh mom, hold on to your dream. A dream is a wish your heart makes. And don’t worry because we both grow up and can get enough money to pay for your travel. Just relax and enjoy your travel. Now, let’s start to research the most suitable place for you.

A: oh, I think it is Korea. There are lots of food such as napa cabbage kimchi recipe, rice cake Tteokbokki, mix-noodle Japchae, mix-rice Bibimbap, ect…and a lot of handsome singers such as boys in Super Junior, DBSK, Big Bang,…Mom, I am jealous with you. (I have a dream, I can travel, to Korea, meet my idols…

O: Ana, I see your point and I understand how you love Korean Music. But mom doesn’t want to listen to music or meet famous singers. She wishes to taste traditional foods. However the Korean food is too spicy for her who has a stomachache.

A: you are odd fish. Almost people like listening K-pop, but you.

O: Ana, I love K-pop too. But this travel is for mom.

Mom, I see you should visit Vietnam. It has a lot of famous sight-seeing such as Hoi An, Ha Long Bay, Son Doong Cave,… The people are friendly and especially, it’s food is wonderful, but not too spicy. You know Gordan Ramsay? He is chef of American Master Chef. He used to visit Vietnam and was really impressive by Vietnamese foods.

S: That sounds great. Olive, Ana, I have made decision to visit Vietnam. Tonight, I will talk it to your Dad.

O: Really? Mom. Hope you to have good trip.

A: Olive, you beat me again. I’ll be back. And mom, have nice trip. I love you.

S: I love you, too.

Scene 2: Ana and Olive are having lunch when their mother makes phone call from Vietnam.

A: Oliver, that dish is so good. I really…Oh, that might be mum phoning from Vietnam. I’ll put her on speaker. Hi, mum.

O: Hi, mum. How are you? Vietnam is really fantastic, isn’t it?

S: Ah, You’re both there. Hi. I’m on top of the world. How are you doing?

A: we’re fine. Just having some noodle. And you?

S: Really good. I’m about to eat, too. I’ve just been walking round this amazing market and it made me hungry. I’m going to order a big bowl of famous noodle in here.

O: Don’t make us jealous, mom. I know the Vietnam cuisine is wonderful and it takes me a long time to have chance to taste it.

S: Sorry, love. I was thinking about you just now, actually, and I’ve got a little quiz prepared for you.

A: A quiz? It’s interesting.

S: Yeah. Can you both see the phone? I’m going to send you some photos of Vietnamese food, and tell me what the food is.

O: It is like shooting fish in a barrel. Ok, mom. Fire away.

A: Let’s start.

S: right, picture number 1.

A: oh, that looks a bit like pasta, burnt pasta, but it isn’t, is it?

O: Ana, I don’t think so. That is a kind of insect, a kind of worm? I used to see it on an internet magazine about the 100 most weird dishes in the world.

S: yes, very good. One point to Olive, but that was an easy one, next.

O: They’re weird. They may be some kind of small chicken which are fried.

A: I don’t know. Ah, it is dog meat. It is special and famous in Vietnam. John, my friend comes from Vietnam, talked to me about it.

S: No, it isn’t, Ana. I will give you a clue, this.

A: Ehw, they look like mice. Don’t tell me that is mouse meat. It’s terrible to eat because they are…they are dirty and smell.

S: half a point to you, Ana. Actually, they are voles.

A&O: Voles?

S: yeah, they live in fields and their meat is specially tasteful and it is not different from pork, maybe more delicious.

A: So, have you tried it?

S: yes, I have. Vietnamese farmers catch them to protect their crop and, of course, to make food, a local specialty. If you want, I will bring you some when I come back. Ha…ha

A: Thanks, mom. But I will feel like a fish out of water if I try it. Maybe, Olive, he will like it. (ha ha) oh, sorry. Just kidding.

O: But actually, I want to try, mom. They look really delicious. Could you take some photos of alive mice if possible. I have never seen them before.

A: you’re a really odd fish. I bet that you will be winner of “USA- got talent” who can eat all terrible food in the world.

O: Ana. Why do you say that? I…

S: Ok, ok, next. I afraid you will have a serious debate if continued. What is this?

O: That looks like tomato juice, but it can’t be, that would be too easy.

A: it could be some kind of exotic fruit juice like pomegranate or water melon.

S: Nowhere near. I’ll give you a clue more. It isn’t made from fruit or vegetables.

O: So, it must come from an animal.

A: I know. It’s blood.

S: yeah, more half a point to you and another half a point for animal. Could you guess which animal’s blood is?

O: snake? Chicken?  Pig? Duck? Or goat?

S: Yep, a goat. It is goat blood, very good for the health, they say. Why do you know, Ana?

O: (hi hi) because I have a Vietnamese friend, and he used to talk to me about blood pudding, so I guess out it.

A: yuck, you’ve put me right off my noodle.

S: Ana, that’s great. And I’m sorry, son. So….this will make you gloat. Here.

O: Oh, dear. I know this dish. That is “pho”, one of two words is updated on Oxford Dictionary along with “ao dai”. Ah, nearly, another word was updated, it is… “banh mi….bành…mi”. That is right, “bánh mì”. It is famous food in street, especially is in Vietnam, Australia, EU and USA. “Banh mi” is famous because it delicious, nutritious and cheap, it looks like a sandwich, the best sandwich in the world.

S: Good, Olive. Oh, that is my dish which is served. Children, I must go now, see you later. I will tell you more about Vietnam. Hope you have good lunch. Bye.

O& A: Bye mom. Have good lunch.


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